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Sandy Gaskins

BA Hons,M.A.Couns,CPsychol,Csci,CQSW,NNEB,EWI,AFBPsS

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Accredited Expert Witness (Family Certificate)

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Email: 2 The Wick.10 Burton Road. Poole Dorset BH13 6DU. Covering South West England

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Membership No. 21614 The Association for infant mental Health

These are the most widely used intelligence assessments and among the most widely used neuro Psychological assessments. Wechsler believed intelligence is multifaceted and so any test of intelligence must reflect this. The WAIS and WISC take approximately 90 mins to administer and the analysis provides and overall full scale IQ and sub tests results indicating strengths and Weaknesses.

Cognitive Processing Weschler intelligence tests (WAIS IV, WISC IV, WASI):

Cost of Test £255

Phonological Processing CTOPP - 2:

The CTOPP-2 is a norm-reference test that measurers phonological processing abilities related to reading. The test takes 30 - 45 mins to complete

Cost of Test £197.50

Literacy The Adult Reading Test and Gort 5 for younger people:

Reading is assessed by reading aloud only Memory factual and inferential comprehension questions. It is advisable in the case of dyslexia to carry out a piece of free writing over a longer time than 2 Minutes.  The Gort -5 is a norm-reference, reliable test that yields valid results for individuals ages 6 years through to 23. The tests takes 30 mins to complete.

Cost of Test £110.50

The Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA) is a computer based assessment of working memory skills, with a user-friendly interface. It provides a practical and convenient way to screen individuals for significant working memory problems. The test takes 45 mins to complete

Working Memory Assessment Automated Working Memory: Assessment .

Cost of Test £142.50

Discounts are available for students seeking the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

Click here for an assessment appointment and details of discounts available.

Dyslexia Screening only

A series of tests for Dyslexia, Identifying strengths and areas of development. Not as in depth as the other specific tests. The tests take approximately 60 mins

Cost of Test £200

The following tests are used to complete a comprehensive Dyslexia test, and  used for the disabled students allowance (DSA). The tests are also available separately.